What to do about Medical Care if you do not have health insurance?

Did you know that your AUTO INSURANCE provides medical coverage for you and your passengers?

We have a network of healthcare providers (such as surgeons, neurologists, medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, and even massage therapists) will provide treatment with no out-of-pocket expense. These medical providers will wait to get paid until the case settles, this is typically called lien-basis care.

You may have purchased optional medical coverage with your own auto insurance company. The coverage is known as Medical Payment Benefits (MedPay). Your insurance company may try and tell you that you should not use the coverage because it may affect your monthly premiums moving forward, but that is not the case. As a supplemental coverage on your policy, your rates will not be affected. Medpay will apply to every person in the vehicle separately; for example if your auto insurance policy has $5,000.00 in Medical Payment Benefits, then all passengers including you will have $5,000.00 in medical coverage. This coverage can be used to help cover the costs of hospital/ER treatment, medical care, chiropractic care, and/or physical therapy charges. If you are unsure if your policy carries medical coverage, please contact us and we will help explain what coverages are available.

If you need medical care, and you have no health insurance or other healthcare coverage, please contact us and we can help with locating provider(s) in your area that will provide treatment on a lien-basis. You and your healthcare provider will be able to determine if treatment is necessary and/or what treatment is required.


Not all accidents and not all persons are the same…a small fender bender for one person may cause minimal injury, while that same fender bender for another person could cause severe injuries. If you are injured in a car accident (regardless of the vehicle damage), it may be necessary for you to pursue medical treatment. Statute of Limitations in Arizona for car accidents or other injury to persons is 2 years.

Some motor vehicle crash injuries can take hours, days, or even weeks to become apparent. Studies have also shown that accident related injuries can last for years (or become a permanent injury) following a motor vehicle crash.

Seat belts save lives, but they also cause injuries. According to research shoulder belts are very effective at saving lives in auto crashes, but they also are known to cause injuries in rear end collisions. In a rear-end crash the body is held in place which will typically cause an increased hyper flexion of the neck (i.e.,”whiplash”).

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